The Puppy Parcel

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For the Doggie parents out there! You know the type, the doggie is well groomed, dresses well, exercises daily and is probably better fed than you and I... Just like Poppy in these pics :)


PupStyle Ziggy Pop over the collar reversible bandana. Over the Collar Reversible Bandana designed to stay in place by sliding over your collar. Reverse side features a casual denim polka-dot for when you need a casual change-up. Featuring Ziggy Pop print and 100% cotton denim chambray polka-dot pattern. Paw-made in Melbourne, Australia.

Animals in Charge Brass Rope Dog Leash. Lovingly handmade in Melbourne, Australia. Marine grade ropes are strong, soft and comfortable to use. Hand spliced and whipped with waxed whipping twine (the strong stuff) Brass hardware that will weather the storm. Each leash is made for its strength and natural appearance. Some ever so slight variations may occur in length due to each being lovingly handmade. 1.5 metres (5 feet) in length, 12mm (1/2 inch) width. Suitable for animals of all sizes.

Mr. Paw Conditioning Shampoo. With a clever blend of essential oils and extracts, your dog's coat will be left soft, shiny and clean. Free of harsh foaming agents means your dog will be left squeaky clean without the fuss of bubbles.With just 2 pumps for small dogs and 3 for large, this bottle will last you up to 20 washes

SavourLife Australian Kangaroo Training Treats, are delicious, bite-size, meaty chunks; perfect for training and rewarding (and great as toy stuffers too!). Made right here in Australia, from ingredients including real Australian meat, and they contain no artificial colour or flavours. Great to have on hand when you're walking, playing or having fun! Not only do dogs love them, they are healthy too! They’re enriched with vitamins and minerals, plus the good folks at SavourLife added fish oil, packed with Omega 3&6, for a shiny healthy coat. As an added bonus they are low in fat and salt. AND 50% of their profits go to help save rescue dogs!