Relax and Renew Box

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Maison Blanche Coconut and Lime Candle contains the highest quality of soy wax infused with a unique blend of frangrances. It’s 80 hour burn time is a tantalising tropical fusion of fresh coconut milk and freshly squeezed lime; a classic fragrance that can’t be beaten.

Pana Chocolate Eighty % Raw Cacao. Chocolate that's smooth, rich, and silky, and something a little unexpected. A hand picked cacao pod from Bolivia. A coconut from the Philippines. Cold pressed cacao butter from Peru, Indonesian coconut nectar and Mexican dark agave. Wild carob from Spain, organic cinnamon from Sri Lanka. Chocolate that’s full of antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins and minerals. Chocolate without preservatives, that’s vegan, gluten free, dairy free and soy free.

The Beach People Stonewash Wash Cloth features a unique stonewash finish. The stonewash process makes the cloth exceptionally soft to touch. It is 100% cotton, and is designed in Australia.

The Beach People Black Eucalyptus Soap Bar, handmade locally in Australia. Rest easy knowing they are fair trade, good for you and the earth, and enriched with real botanicals and essential oils.

Endeavour Breakfast Tea. Endeavour Tea’s take on English Breakfast features quality estate-grown Assam, Kenyan and Ceylon black teas. A vibrant, full-bodied blend with notes of malt, spice and dark honey. Delicious as is, but also well suited to a little milk and sugar.A vibrant, full-bodied blend of three exceptionally high quality single-origin teas. Brimming with complex character, Assam ‘Mancotta’ TGFOP1 from the Dibrugarh region of India lends strength and briskness, with elements of spice and dried herbs. Kenya ‘Milima’ GFBOP from the Kericho District imbues colour and depth of flavour with a distinct citrus characteristic, while Ceylon ‘Davora’ BOP1 from the Southern Province is smooth-drinking and malty. 

*on the RARE occasion one of our suppliers has run out of the goods, we will replace it with a product of equal or higher value!