Coffee to Go

  • Byron Bay Bun Coffee - Australian Hand Roasted Coffee
    100% Australian Grown Coffee. Sweet and slightly chocolaty with a low acidity and rich nutty finish. Naturally low in caffeine and free from pesticides. Smooth and easier on the digestive system than most coffee.

  • Fressko Reuseable Coffee Cup
    These stylish, chemical-free, lightweight, insulated stainless steel reusable coffee cups are vacuum sealed & scratch-resistant. They have a spill-proof, screw-in, easy to clean, no fuss, lockable lid and internal barista lines. They fit perfectly under the baristas machine, perfectly in your standard cup holder and are ideal for travel. Stays hot up to 3 hours, dependant on use. BPA Free.
  • KOJA Natural Peanut Butter Bar - Chocolate
    These Natural Peanut Butter Bars are the ideal mid-morning snack. With crunchy cacao nibs, they remain low in sugar, rich in vitamins and minerals, and are packed with protein from the wholefood sources of roasted peanuts, chia seeds and peanut butter.

  • Loving Earth Cream 'N Cookies Chocolate
    Crunchy gluten-free chocolate cookies in the creamiest of plant-based White chocolate. Familiar yet decadent, this bar embraces the iconic cookies-n-cream tradition, with a vegan twist. Creamy white chocolate, with generous sprinkles of gluten-free crumbled chocolate biscuit.

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